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     Adams Face Veneer manufactures and markets face veneer and laminated face veneer to furniture manufacturers for use in the manufacture of fine furniture for use and sales primarily in the United States.


     The Adams family, with Charles Adams as President, purchased Van Veneer Company from the Van Dusen family on May 20, 1969. The plant was inoperable and in an extremely rundown condition.

     Adams and his management group started Adams Face Veneer Company, Inc. June 9, 1969. The entire first month was spent just cleaning up the old Van Veneer buildings plus installing roofing paper and tar over the buildings they planned to use. Since that time all of the old buildings have been torn down or renovated.

     In addition to the buildings, all of Adams Face Veneer's original equipment had to be rebuilt. The original equipment was two splicers, one drop clipper and one Seybold clipper. The first year Adams produced $220,000 in sales and turned a small profit. From this small meager beginning, Adams Face Veneer has grown to have record sales, employment of over thirty people, building production facilities with up to 50,000 square feet under roof and a reputation for steady employment.

     Adams Face Veneer Company, Inc. was purchased by Clyde and Myra Ratcliff May 6, 1986 and continued Adams' policy of customer satisfaction with quality shipments. With manufacturing leadership from plant manager W.L. Witham, Adams Face Veneer has become a leader in custom face veneer manufacturing.

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