Diamond Veneer
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Diamond Veneer


V-Match Veneer

Pictured is v-matched Cherry which is used primarily in residential furniture. This particular application was a headboard for a bed. Table tops are also a popular application.

Reverse Diamond Match

ReverseDiamond Match Veneer

Reverse Diamond match is very popular for accent panels in residential furniture. It blends very well on doors and has many architectual applications.

Diamond Match

Diamond Match Veneer

Diamond match is a popular application for table tops. We receive requests also for music furniture and architectual uses.

Quarter Sawn Oak

Quarter Sawn Oak Veneer

Quarter Sawn Oak is generated by cutting parallel to medullary rays as opposed to intersecting these rays. This veneer is primarily seen in antique furniture and used in the industry as replacement material for antique furniture.

Walnut Stump

Walnut Stump Veneer

Walnut stump has various grain designs which when butt and bookmatched can form beautiful and curious designs. These faces have architectual and accent panel applications.

Combination Veneer Face

Combination Veneer Face

Pictured is a veneer face for a drawer front. This face has an oak V-matched center with an ash border mitered in the corners. Our primary market for these veneer faces is contract furniture.

Walnut "Angel Step"

Walnut "Angel Step" Veneer

Walnut "Angel Step" is cut from walnut stump wood, around knots and crotches of walnut trees. Butted and book-matched together pieces of walnut angel step provide beautiful different combinations of design. These designs are used for accent panels in architectual applications, office furniture and residential furniture.

Walnut Burl

Walnut Burl Veneer

Walnut burl veneer is derived from the root of the walnut tree. The root is dug, cleaned and rotary sliced. The veneer has sap spots, burls and swirls.

White Ash Burl

White Ash Burl

White Ash Burl is sliced from the root of a white ash tree and is characterized by its swirls, burls and knots. It is used in architectual applications, accent panels and inlays on furniture. It is comparatively easy to work with and finishes very well.

Madrone Burl

Mandrome Burl Veneer

Pacific Madrone grows on the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to California. Madrone burl is harvested from growth on the Pacific Madrone tree. It is reddish-brown in color and is used primarily for inlays and furniture. Madrone burl is also used in architectual applications and cabinetry.

Sunburst Cherry

Sunburst Cherry Veneer

Sunburst pattern is generally used in table tops. It is usually made from 8 leaves of veneer in smaller sizes.

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